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Privacy Statement

The Privacy Statement we have developed and explained below extensively covers all topics related to our use, disclosure, transfer and protection of your personal information. We kindly ask you to reserve a moment to get acquainted with our views on the collection and safeguarding of your private data. Please note that if you continue your activity on our website, you agree to be bound by our practices regarding online privacy and security. conducts its activity in full compliance with the jurisdiction applicable and enforceable in the state of Malta

Collection and Use of Personal Information

Websites generally keep records of personally identifiable information which is further employed in service completion, optimization and improvement. may require users to disclose personal data mandatory for:

1.Registration and newsletter subscription. We recommend our users to create an account in order to benefit from the whole array of features we make available for the members of our community and to take advantage of our regular promotions, special discounts and product reviews.

2.Website enhancement. The personal data you provide, together with records of your navigational preferences when browsing our website, constitute relevant and valuable information which set the main grounds for product, content, service and advertisement improvement and customization.

3.Order completion, including payment and shipment. will inquire about your name, e-mail, billing and delivery address, compulsory for purchasing products on our website.

4.Product sharing. When you send gift certificates to your friends or family, when you e-mail a product or a wish list to someone else or when you invite others to create an account on our website, review a product or leave a comment on our news articles, may collect their information, more specifically name and email address, for upcoming promotions or special offers.

5.User content publishing. Whenever you choose to benefit from the interactive features of our website, such as product reviews, comments to news articles or testimonials regarding your personal experience with our services, will record the data you voluntarily provide us.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Under no circumstances will treat the private data you provide to us as suitable for mercantile actions. We will not sell, lease, share, exchange or trade your personal information with a third party for our own commercial purposes, in order to gain financial benefits or for advertisement prospects.

We will disclose personal information to our strategic partners who help us fulfill our services, such as order completion and delivery operations. All the third parties to whom transmits your private data are obligated to ensure the safety and security of the information they are given access to. will also disclose your personal information whenever deemed as necessary by legal authorities within or outside the boundaries of your residential area and whenever disclosure is considered appropriate for matters of public importance. may and will disclose personal data about you if this course of action is mandatory in order to protect and enforce our operations, our services, our property, our own security and the security and privacy of our users.

You should also note that in the event of company merging or reorganization, we will reveal your private data, along with our database and all records of the activity of our users, to our new partners, affiliates or administrators.

Safeguarding Personal Information commits to taking all mandatory precautions for appropriately safeguarding the private data that we collect on the grounds outlined and explained above. We ensure that all necessary measures are implemented in order to prevent information theft, loss and misuse, along with unauthorized access to the data provided. uses the Security Socket Layer (SSL) for accurately encrypting and securing your private data. We make sustained and consistent efforts to ensure a stress-free environment which meets all standards of security, while still granting a user-friendly website. 

You are obligated by the current law to refrain from disclosing false data, attempting to conceal your IP, impersonating a different entity and accessing an account which was not created with your personal information. It is strictly forbidden to provide false data or data which is not updated and not valid in the present. Such attempts may lead to account termination and restriction of use.   

Cookies utilizes cookies in order to gain better insight into user behavior and record the specific parts of the website that are accessed by visitors. The data we collect through cookies refers to Internet Protocol (IP) address, service provider, browser preferences, language and operating system, all categorized as non-personal information. This type of information helps to increase the effectiveness of advertisement, the accuracy of the search engine and the responsiveness of certain features and options favored by our users.

Cookies store files on your hard disk through your browser. The process may be declined by correspondingly adjusting the settings of your browser. However, we recommend the acceptance of cookie usage in order to benefit from an improved and customized website experience.

Third-party cookies

Certain advertisers use cookies in order to monitor the traffic they direct to the other websites on which they have ongoing advertising programs. These type of cookies are called third-party cookies and you may choose to decline their use when you access those websites by changing the settings of your browser.

Third party cookies rarely result in adverse effects for online surfing, as they do not account for a fully functional environment, but rather for tracking purposes employed in conversion analysis.

Data Mining

As a company whose focus is the overall experience of the consumer, uses data mining in order to analyze the relationship between factors related to the activity of the company, such as costs, services and products and external, objective factors, such as customer demographics and economic data. The information we thus gather about our customers is further analyzed in order to establish how the afore-mentioned factors influence sales and consumer satisfaction, as well as to discover methods of improving the marketing strategies. uses data mining in order to keep accurate records of the products that a customer has purchased from the website. This information allows us to send targeted offers and promotional products to customer segments according to the specific interest they have previously shown in certain product categories.

Affiliate Partnerships collaborates with a range of affiliates in order to increase visibility and appeal to a wider range of customers. As part of the affiliate program we have developed and implemented on our website, will advertise banners, links and visuals belonging to a third party. Please note that we assume no responsibility regarding the privacy practices implemented by third-party websites, nor will we be held responsible for the methods of data collection, storage and disclosure operated by our partners. For a full account of the approach to privacy employed by any website which may be advertised on, please check their policy and make sure you comply with their regulations.

Your Rights and Options - Right to access your personal data.

- Obtain confirmation from us as to whether or not personal data concerning you are being processed,

- access to the personal data and information.

- rectification of personal data.

- request and obtain erasure of your personal data from us.

- restrict the processing of your personal data until further notice

- the right to request that we provide you with your with personal data on a machine-readable format for transmission to another data controller.

- the right to lodge a complaint regarding our processing of your personal data with the supervisory authority of your place of residence, place of work or place of the alleged infringement.

Age Restrictions

The content can be freely accessed by any type of audience. However, only adults of legal age can place orders and complete payments on our website.

Choice of Law conducts its activity in full compliance with the jurisdiction applicable and enforceable in the state of Malta.

Updates to our Privacy Statement is entitled to change the provisions of the Privacy Statement whenever this type of action is considered appropriate for service enhancement, website customization or compliance with new regulations. These modifications will be implemented without prior notice, so we kindly ask you to recheck this Privacy Statement as often as possible, in order to confirm your acceptance of the updated version.

HappyPetz is property of Aldakrome Ltd., registration number C61441, with the registered address at 89, St. John Street, 1165 VLT, Valletta, Malta.

This policy was last updated on the 26th of May, 2018.